R3TURN EP (2022)

How will the imminent development of human gene editing technology interact with race?

IN VITRO tackles this question, all to the beat of a groundbreaking pop/rock score.

When Eve and Ray are given the opportunity to use gene editing technology on their unborn child, they are plagued with new considerations concerning their racial identities and the act of assimilation. As these questions linger, the couple’s dark past and darker future begin to reveal themselves...

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R + J (2021)

In this high energy pop single with a hint of Bowie, Fouad cynically proclaims that "if Romeo and Juliet lived, they would be depressed. They're better off dead."

What better time for such a sentiment than Valentine's Day in a year of isolation?

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For You: A Whistleblower Story (2020)

Primarily written and recorded over the span of a 24-hour live-streamed session, For You is an electro-pop/punk concept album following the journey of a whistleblower.

This album is dedicated to heroes like Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden who put their personal livelihoods at risk to expose covert systems of governmental oppression.

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The Quarantine Arias (2020)

An assorted collection of demos recorded while in quarantine.

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Monarchs in Riverbeds (2019)

Written and recorded over the course of a year, this debut LP is an experimental alternative rock album about love and revolution.

In an article on Swarthmore College's anti-frat violence protests, BuzzFeed News described Monarchs in Riverbeds as an "album about revolution and speaking truth to power."

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Seclusion (2019)

Written and recorded as part of a 12-hour live streamed period, Seclusion investigates different manifestations of the title concept.

Featuring album cover art by Max Nitke.

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Undeveloped Tempests (2018)

Fouad's first ever standalone release, featuring three catchy and lyrically profound tunes including the Marquez-inspired "Thundershowers Over Macondo."

One of the album's tracks, "Whisper Shouts" would later be reimagined on the 2021 release of In Vitro: A Rock Opera.

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