Fouad of Nazareth (2023)

Summer camp is an undeniable staple of American culture. And yet, Fouad, a teenage Palestinian New Yorker, is being sent to a summer camp thousands of miles away in his birthplace of Nazareth. 

Accompanied by an Arabic-infused pop rock score, this autobiographical dramedy musical explores themes of identity and belonging as its title character learns just what it means to be Fouad of Nazareth.

Fouad of Nazareth is being written and developed at Berklee NYC

U-Haul Mesbians (2022)

Written by Salwa Meghjee
Music by Fouad Dakwar

U-Haul Mesbians premiered with a sold-out reading as part of the Syrup & Candy Summer Play Reading Series at The Tank.

R3TURN: A Palestinian Punk Show is the magical, comedic, and rocking dream of a free Palestine.
The piece depicts not only Palestinian suffering on behalf of Israeli state violence but also Palestinian liberation efforts, Palestinian joy, and the opportunity for magic in Palestine. R3TURN was developed and produced by the Theater Department, Music Department, and Honors Program at Swarthmore College, premiering to back to back to back sold-out audiences at the Frear Ensemble Theater in April, 2022.

 How will the imminent development of human gene editing technology interact with race? 

When Eve and Ray are given the opportunity to use gene editing technology on their unborn child, they are plagued with new considerations about their racial identities and assimilation. As these questions linger, the couple’s dark past and even darker future begin to reveal themselves.

Developed completely remotely, the album recording of “In Vitro: a Rock Opera” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Album cover art by Galek Yangzom

Radium Girls: In Concert (2019)

P is for Pneumonia:
A New Spellbinding Musical (2019)

Music & Lyrics by Fouad Dakwar

Book by Steve Borowka

When Mackenzie, a misunderstood high school senior, misspells “pneumonia” on a spelling test and falls ill with pneumonia the next day, she begins to uncover a sinister spelling-centered secret surrounding the school. When one misspells a word with dangerous connotations, said speller will be afflicted by the word in question. 

An Actors Equity reading of the piece took place in May of 2018 before its premiere at Ghostlight Theater Camp in August of 2019.

Promnado (2017)

Music & Lyrics by Fouad Dakwar

Book by Justin Myhre

Premiering at Ghostlight Theater Camp in 2017, Promnado is based on a true story from the town of Hoisington, Kansas when in 2001, the town withstood a devastating tornado on the night of the local high school's senior prom.

Promnado follows a group of high school seniors attempting to reconstruct their home in the aftermath of the tragedy and comic chaos ensues.