Fouad Dakwar is a Palestinian creative committed to telling subversively revolutionary stories on stages and screens of all sizes.


Fouad's recent full-length musicals ('In Vitro: A Rock Opera,' 'R3TURN,' 'Fouad of Nazareth') have explored the nuances of identity and the political cynicism of his generation using dark comedy, magical realism, and the punk rock idiom.

Fouad has also flexed his theatrical and absurdly funny writing as both a screenwriter and content creator. He has an Additional Writer's credit on an upcoming short film as well as a spec pilot script under his belt. 

All the while garnering over 5 million likes on TikTok and creating digital content for The Institute for Middle Eastern Understanding (IMEU), KUVRD Arab Heritage Wear, Palestine Writes, and Berklee NYC.


Fouad has taught students ranging from kindergarten to college and he is the current Assistant Director of the New York Youth Symphony's (NYYS) Musical Theater Songwriting program.


Fouad holds an Honors Bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College and a Master's in Writing and Design for Musical Theater from Berklee NYC where he is currently the Post-Master's Admissions Fellow.

Contact me at FouadDakwar@gmail.com

“Watching R3TURN felt like I was experiencing a political fever dream at a punk concert.”

"Fouad's canon is a singular brand of kooky social commentary."

"He's the Palestinian Jonathan Larson!"


Fouad attended Swarthmore College where he built his own Honors Major in Music and Theater Composition with a double Minor in Film & Media Studies and Educational Studies.

His individualized course of study was featured in an article about Swarthmore's Special Majors program and he was featured in a video documenting the 100 year anniversary of Swarthmore's Honors program.

Fouad received his Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology,
specializing in Writing and Design for Musical Theater at Berklee NYC.

He was featured as part of Berklee College of Music's Student Spotlight Series.



Fouad is currently the Assistant Director of the New York Youth Symphony's Musical Theater Songwriting program.

Fouad has also worked as a Writing and Public Speaking Associate at the Swarthmore College Writing Center, worked as a Research Assistant in Swarthmore's Department of Educational Studies, taught Tap Dance in Swarthmore's Department of Music and Dance, taught a kindergarten music class at the Swarthmore Friends Nursery School, premiered two original musicals at Ghostlight Theater Camp, interned at Boomset, and volunteered at the 52nd Street Project.

In May of 2021, Fouad gave a virtual talk titled Archetypal Arabs: The Nuances of Arab and Muslim Representation in Gaming as part of the 2021 Game Devs of Color Expo. 


Fouad has garnered over 5.5 million likes on TikTok under the handle @notfouad.

He has since created and managed digital content for:

The Institute for Middle Eastern Understanding (IMEU)

KUVRD Arab Heritage Wear
Palestine Writes Literature Festival

and Berklee NYC


In addition to his work in the theater, Fouad is a prolific screenwriter who worked as an additional writer on an upcoming short film, interned for the crowdfunded documentary film The Rabbis' Intifada, and received an audience-choice award at the 2020 Tri-Co Film Festival.


Fouad has been featured as the Swarthmore Phoenix’s "Artist of the Week" and was a subject for both Swarthmore College's Swat Story series as well as Berklee College of Music's Student Spotlight.

His works have been covered by Swarthmore Voices, the Swarthmore Phoenix, and even tangentially by BuzzFeed News which described Monarchs in Riverbeds as an "album about revolution and speaking truth to power."


Berklee NYC Post-Graduate Fellowship

Swarthmore College High Honors

Favianna Rodriguez Recognition of Artistic Activism

Berta Goldsmith Scholarship

James E. Gregory ‘85 Scholarship

Page-Pixton Scholarship

Guilmartin Summer Opportunity Fund

Lockwood Fellowship

2020 Tri-Co Film Festival Award