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“Watching [Fouad’s latest piece,] R3TURN felt like I’d fallen asleep while watching the news and was experiencing a political fever dream… at a punk concert.”


Aside from his full head of thick Palestinian curls, Fouad is probably most recognized for his provocative

First and foremost, Fouad is a musical storyteller who has produced almost a dozen original musicals, several standalone albums, and accompanying music videos.

Fouad’s musical style is a signature brand of pop-rock infused with poetic lyrics, catchy melodies, and a healthy dose of satirical camp.

Fouad is also a comedian– by birth, not by choice– content creator, writer, filmmaker, game designer, and outspoken social justice advocate.  He can also do all of these things while tap dancing.


Fouad attended Swarthmore College as an Honors Special Major in Music and Theater Composition  with a double Minor in Film & Media Studies and Educational Studies.

In fact, his individualized course of study was featured in an article about Swarthmore's Special Majors program and he was featured in a piece documenting the 100 year anniversary of Swarthmore's Honors program.

He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology,
specializing in Writing and Design for Musical Theater at Berklee NYC.

Fouad was recently featured as part of Berklee College of Music's Student Spotlight Series.



Fouad's first full length album, Monarchs in Riverbeds, released in May of 2019 alongside an accompanying music video for its title track. The piece was accepted into the 2020 Tri-Co Film Festival and ultimately won the Audience Favorite Runner Up award. Fouad has also released three EPs, two of which (Seclusion and For You: A Whistleblower Story) were written and recorded over the span of 12 and 24 hour live-streamed sessions respectively.

In May of 2021, Fouad released the album recording of In Vitro: A Rock Opera. As its title suggests, In Vitro is a full length rock opera which was recorded remotely during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and explores the imminent development of human gene editing technology and its potential intersections with race.

In his most recent release, R3TURN EP, Fouad adopts the pop-punk sound of bands from his youth as an immigrant in New York City to advocate for the liberation of his homeland. 


Fouad's knack for musical storytelling is apparent in his dozen or so original musical theater pieces. Two of these (Promnado and Pneumonia: A New Spellbinding Musical) have been produced at Ghostlight Theater Camp. The latter of these pieces culminated in a New York Actors Equity reading in May of 2018. Another of his musicals (Sic Semper Tyrannis) was awarded first place Solo Performance in both the New York City and New York state National History Day competitions in 2018. 

Most recently, he premiered R3TURN: A Palestine Punk Musical as his Honors Thesis at Swarthmore College. He is now developing a semi-autobiographical dramedy musical at Berklee NYC titled Fouad of Nazareth.


Somewhere along the way, Fouad garnered over 30 thousand followers and 5 million likes on TikTok under the handle @notfouad where he continues to post... well, whatever he feels like.

This paved the way for exciting opportunities to create content for the Institute for Middle Eastern Understanding (IMEU), KUVRD Arab Heritage Wear, and Berklee NYC.


In May of 2021, Fouad gave a talk titled Archetypal Arabs: The Nuances of Arab and Muslim Representation in Gaming as part of the 2021 Game Devs of Color Expo. His related research regarding linguistic discrimination is published in the Fall 2022 issue of the Tri-Co Law Review.

He has also interned for the event platform Boomset, he has interned on a crowdfunded upcoming documentary film, worked as a Writing and Speaking Associate at the Swarthmore College Writing Center, worked as a Research Assistant in Swarthmore's Department of Educational Studies, taught tap dance in Swarthmore's Department of Music and Dance,  taught a kindergarten music class at the Swarthmore Friends Nursery School, premiered two original musicals at Ghostlight Theater Camp, and volunteered at the 52nd Street Project.


Fouad has been featured as the Swarthmore Phoenix’s "Artist of the Week" and as a subject for Swarthmore College's Swat Story series.

His works have been covered by Swarthmore Voices, the Swarthmore Phoenix, the Swarthmore Review, and even tangentially by BuzzFeed News which described Monarchs in Riverbeds as an "album about revolution and speaking truth to power."

Fouad's musings on media and social change have been published by KUVRD, the Swarthmore Phoenix, the Swarthmore Review, and the Tri-Co Law Review.


Swarthmore College High Honors

Favianna Rodriguez Recognition of Artistic Activism

Berta Goldsmith Scholarship

James E. Gregory ‘85 Scholarship

Page-Pixton Scholarship

Guilmartin Summer Opportunity Fund

Lockwood Fellowship

2020 Tri-Co Film Festival Award